A regular and daily exercise pattern is essential for your dog's good health, social skills, physical and mental well being. Exercise also helps prevents depression, behavioural issues, joint problems and heart conditions.

(According to the National Office of Animal Health)

Walking Locations

I am so lucky to have Royal Epping Forest's beautiful ancient forest lands, bridleways, bridle tracks, footpaths, meadowlands, nature reserves, golf course and cricket course boundaries and the City of London's beautiful open spaces to enjoy. I can never get enough of walking through these beautiful locations, in all weathers. I know that your dog will be very happy and content too.

Dog Walking - One on One

Initially, all new clients are walked One on One. This allows me and your dog to get to know each other and to build up a trusting relationship, first and foremost. If you prefer your dog to be walked One on One, I am able to offer this service too.

Dog Walking - Pairs

My favorite and personal preferred form of dog walking, for a myriad of reasons. In order for your dog to safely enjoy the benefits of walking with another dog, we will ensure that your dog is matched with a suitable companion in terms of age, size, sex, breed and ability. This way, you can be sure that your dog will get the most from his/her walks.

Walking in Pairs allows us to give your dog the undivided attention, safety, protection and love they deserve, want and need. I encourage courteous and brief interaction with other dogs, so as to further enhance and improve their social skills allowing them to grow their confidence further.

Walking in Pairs also allows me to closely watch and focus particularly on any new puppy that joins my walks and to ensure that they too are safe, happy, comfortable, relaxed and responding positively and correctly to any training or situations that may arise.

My dogs are never out of my sight, recall or reach and nor do they leave my side either. We all walk close together, at all times. Simply, because we all love each other and look out for each other.

From my experience of pairing dogs and keeping to a set routine, the dogs make friends very quickly, grow in confidence and basically look forward to seeing each other for a happy, safe and enjoyable walk.

Note for puppies. Any remaining time outside of The KC's recommended puppy exercise guideline ratio (see Puppy Services page) will be spent sitting calmly, practicing basic commands and building that all important friendship and bond. Ensuring at all times that they do not over exercise, overtire and/or feel overwhelmed. 

Pack or Group Walking - No

As a personal preference, I do not offer or encourage pack or group walking.

In accordance with the City of London and Epping Forest District Council byelaws and using powers under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, the DCO (Dog Control Orders) specify that no more than four dogs should be walked at any one time.

On/Off the Lead

A short lead is used for pavements, car parks and near roads, whilst a 7m retractable extension is used and of which provides ample freedom to exercise whilst remaining safe.

Only once we are satisfied with a dogs recall and with written consent from the owner, will a dog be let off the lead. Both methods of walking your dog are satisfactory. Often this comes down to personal preference. As always, we are here to help at Cookie's Pet Patrol.

Please note that all non neutered dogs will only be walked on a lead.

Wash Down & Towel Dry

During the winter and wet months at the end of each walk, using my fabulous 'Mud Daddy' filled with warm water, all paws are washed down and dogs towel dried, before being wrapped up in warm fleece blankets (see Gallery) and heading home. You will return home to a happy, calm, content & clean dog. I do not charge extra for this service. 

Collection and Drop Off

I will collect your dog and have him/her out walking within 10-15 minutes of collection. 

Car Journeys

In order for your dog to benefit from our beautiful Epping Forest and the City of London's open spaces and walking locations as mentioned above, a short car journey will be necessary. The fact that we only operate in Loughton, means any journey is only ever a short and enjoyable one.

My vehicle is a Smart ForFour which has been adapted and adjusted in order to provide safety, comfort and warmth. All dogs are provided with fresh water, low fat treats, soft clean bedding, fleece blankets, squeaky toys, balls and most importantly, safety registered pet booster seats and seat belts. All my dogs are buckled in safely with plenty of light, visible access, ventilation/fresh air, air conditioning in the summer and ClassicFM on the radio.

My dogs love their ride as much as they love their walks. Promising and ensuring that your dog's whole time at Cookie's Pet Patrol is pleasurable, fun and safe, from start to finish.

Car Sickness Alleviation

Over the years and understanding the behaviour of puppies and dogs as I do, I have alleviated 'car sickness and/or phobias, using kindness, compassion, patience, consideration and love. 

Updates & Photos

Catching happy moments and keeping you regularly updated with messages and pictures via WhatsApp, is all part of the service (see Gallery).

Oral Medication Administered

I am Emergency Canine First Aid trained (CPD Accreditation).

If administering medication is required, I can take care of these on your behalf.


On average and in accordance with my FitBit, I walk between 7 and 12 miles per day. 

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs” ~ Charles de Gaulle