Originally raised in East London, my parents used to own a well known Pie and Mash shop. Used as guard dogs for our premises, I was brought up surrounded by German Shepherds, four at a time. The picture below left is with Guy, Buster (as a puppy) and Max, I was 14 years old.

The picture below right, is of my first Siamese cat, Sid. I have been blessed to own some amazing oriental cats over the years, including most recently, my beloved little Burmese boy Harry and beloved oriental Siamese siblings Dolly and Georgie. I currently reside with my beautiful classic Siamese girl, Poppy. 

At 6 years old, I started horse riding lessons and was very fortunate to have owned my own two ponies, my last one being my beloved Silver Lady, for 23 years.

Over the years and along with my father Fred, we have attended and participated in regular puppy training classes, in order to train some of our numerous GS', including our 20th puppy, Bruce (see gallery). 

My parents have also since given a home to our most recent 25th recruit, a beautiful black Groenendael (Belgian Shepherd) rescue. Safe to say that I truly am and come from a family of animal lovers.

I have been horse riding in Epping Forest since I was 6 years old, therefore very knowledgeable on its terrain, tracks, bridleways, footpaths, suitable locations, routes and surrounding roads.

25 years working in the financial markets in the City did not give me the time to do what I love the most..... Work with and walk dogs and of course, care for cats. It really is that simple!

I am a keen twitcher and have been a lover of nature and the outdoors since I was a young girl. I can't get enough of being out in the fresh air, even through all the rain and mud.

August 2013

Originally launched in August 2013, Cookie's Pet Patrol started out as a One on One dog walking business. Only over several years and after gaining crucial experience, did I feel confident enough to extend my business to walking in Pairs and up to Four.

Continued support from our regular clients, in addition to ongoing enquiries made by recommendation, a reputation for loving and loyalty has been gained since its formation. (Many thanks for all your support).

December 2013

A passion for loving and caring for animals is something that I inherited from my mother Brenda, who has now joined me at Cookie's Pet Patrol. Between us both, let us help look after your much loved dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and small pets.

At Cookie's Pet Patrol, you can be assured that we are both experienced, reliable, loving, honest, affordable, committed, dedicated, insured and trustworthy. A mother and daughter team that you can rely on.

2020 and the foreseeable future ...... One on One and Pairs, only.

With the increased amount of puppy/dog ownership and subsequent rise in foot, bicycle, deer and paw traffic in the forest and surrounding areas, I now offer either a One on One or Pairs dog walking service. For me personally, I find walking in Pairs practical, safe, enjoyable, healthy, happy and harmonious.

Please feel free to contact me, so that we may discuss your requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you,


CPD Certified Level 3 (Higher Distinction), in the following:-

Dog Training

Canine Behaviour

Canine Psychology

Feline Behaviour and Psychology

Emergency Canine First Aid Trained | CPD Certified

DBS Checked

Fully Insured

Sarah Cooke t/a Cookie's Pet Patrol | Established 2013